A Muse

sweet 🙂


…and on a crumpled napkin I found where lies the truth, and all that once was has now turned to ash, become filth and accumulated as garbage.

Discard that. I have a better idea.


Now, let’s begin anew… begin quickly, and with greater care.

At an empty table in a lonely bar, I found a pile of crumpled napkins… and on them were these words, in this order:

‘A Muse once sat in a bar.

Muse don’t believe the following- Blood is thicker than water. An old dog can’t learn new tricks. You are what you eat. The waitress thinks I’m funny. We landed on the moon. Elvis is dead. Time is of the essence. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. An apple a day.

Muse only believe this- Ain’t nothing for no stepper.’

Through the years, I’ve grown to understand the Muse a bit more. I dare say, he was right…

Ain’t nothing…

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