Bizarro World

We live in a Bizarro World…

and these are in fact bizarro times.









The code; oh yeah it’s all about the code.








One more drift into the Bizarro World…

and this guys comics are really cool:

Have a great day, if not now… then when?

-I am Crandew!


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Ayn Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged is my favorite book, and since I’ve been an avid reader for a long time now… that must be saying something.

Love the cover art on old books!

That’s my copy (or at least one of my copies) and it truly is a Superb Novel.

I’m sure I’m the only one here on WordPress that loves books, but it’s that kinda morning, and I felt like sharing.

I’ll write more about Ayn Rand later (I’m sure), but feel free to throw any thoughts or favorite authors/books my way…

-I am Crandew, let’s do this!





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Opt Out

Knee deep in the bog, and swimming in murky water.

Ahh, but who am I kidding? So many tea parties, half eaten cookies – who has the time these days?

Not I.

It’s ironic that as technology gets better, artistry and endeavor begin to wane. We all fail on a more human level as our devices take over.

Hidden in our tablets, laptops and towers. Ever present in smart phones. Follow us down the street with your electronic eye and feel the beat of cold, cold hearts.

I am again reminded of my youth; a time before cell phones, computers and cameras that watch and track our every move.

Oh.. don’t even get me started about the internet!


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Comics Rule

So… this won’t turn into a comic book blog, but I totally dig comics and I dig the art.

Thought I’d post a few things, just to get started.

Good question.

Not exactly pc, but cool as cucumbers all the same.

Why Supes decided to ride a missile is anybody’s guess.

Totally love the old style comics!

That’s life.


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It’s unbelievable how much anger is expressed online today. Depending on your interests, and what sites you chose to swim in… pops up everywhere now.

I see people getting into fights on comic book sites; how is that even possible?

The world is full of anger, and it weighs us down, holds us in place.

I can only hope that things will settle down, and the world I once knew as a child returns.

Will it? Will things ever get back to normalcy?

We can only dream of better times!

I’m going back to my tiny apples 🙂




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Sorry Not Sorry

Such a strange phrase, right?

I’ve noticed that its becoming more defined,  growing stronger each day, morphing into the dominant viewpoint; at once, nurtured by apathy and fed though attrition. It now applies to everything more and more each day.

We are all sorry… about lots of things, but not really.

The reason I bring it up, is because I’m going to jump writing-wise. We’ll find out together where this goes. Pretty much unavoidable, since all our lives hang in a tiny balance, more so now than ever before. I plan to cover lots of topics, like old blankets attempting to protect the things we cherish most.

‘I once looked upon my life as a giant empty field… many blades of grass, baking softly in the hot Louisiana sunlight. Paths were endless, and the future had spread wide open. So inviting.’

Now I opt to walk the walk, chose a fresh new path… and I am in this way ‘sorry, not sorry‘.



I need to just sing:


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A Sound in the Forest

Each day, I wake up thinking about the forest.

That’s a magical place where I can just be calm, just be still… if only for a short while.

Trying to keep that Crandew attitude, if only for a short while longer.

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