True story.. and just a bit scary!

-I am Crandew


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At What Cost?

I grew up reading comic books, and it forever shaped the way I view our world. The comic book hero always strove to do what was right, even where that meant a rush and a push into danger.

It remains to this day, a very simple and honest concept: do what is right.


Comic books today are falling victim to the same fire that has burned out so many other industries.

I’ve watched the last few decades in abject horror. Our schools, our children began being poisoned in the 60’s and 70’s. Television and the movie industry were corrupted around the same time, and began to show the signs of real decline by the 90’s. The music industry died when MTV turned dark, around this same time period, in the early 90’s.

The comic industry is interesting and a bit unique in that it too was poisoned in the 90’s.. but was somehow was able to limp on for a spell, to rest then heal a bit. A resurgence has recently begun, but the efforts from those who seek its destruction are now hyper-focused on it. I fear comic books and all the heroes I’ve followed and loved my whole life will soon be destroyed.

How do you conquer Superman or outwit Batman or run faster than The Flash? It is simple really.. you write them away. You change what made them great, change their race, change their gender.. and ultimately have them do what they never would have done otherwise. Have them do what’s wrong.

If you’re wondering just what this evil is, just who the villains are and what poison could they possibly have administered to cause such ruin – fear not, for I will state it as plainly as I know how.


Liberals are the villains, and they began by using Political Correctness in the 80’s that morphed into the modern day Identity Politics in order to poison our nation.

At what cost are bad ideas?

We pay everything, my friends.. just to see it all crumble, poisoned from within.




-I am Crandew

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So many, right?

We live in such volatile times, you and I.

From dusk to dawn, and back again.. the war rages on. A wall of lies that grows taller and wider each day.

I don’t think it’ll ever stop. I don’t think it’ll ever calm down or go back to being sane again.

I don’t.

It’s suffocating, this constant stream of delusions.


Hang in there, small fry.

In the end, it’s all that we can do.


-I am Crandew

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Bridge The Gap

As the sun began to stir once again on the horizon, I restrained the urge to run free.

Shadows from yesteryear began to crawl backward, sinking down into the mire as it eventually always does.

The echoes of the past began to evaporate, and I was once again free.

Difference between yesterday and today…

Depending on where you are standing, it can be measured as a gulf or a grain.


-I am Crandew

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Apologize, Then Move On

An unjust action can never truly be taken back.

“When the papers crinkled up, it can’t be perfect again..”

I’d like to think that with the President now being fully vindicated, all the liars and deranged people on the Left would now apologize and promise to stop with their insane hate speech… but I know they won’t.


I’d like to see actions taken against Obama and Hillary for spying on a Presidential candidate during an election, but it won’t happen, because justice resides in fairy tales.
CNN and MSNBC should be shut down and platforms like Google, Twitter and Facebook should be broken up.. but that won’t happen either.

I believe that a second American civil war is still coming, all because the people on the Left have been driven crazy by their false philosophical beliefs. We are seeing the breakdown of a faulty belief system, nothing more, and it will cause so much damage in its wake.

Apologize, promise to do better.. then move on. That’s the last hope those of us sane people have for this country now.


-I am Crandew

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-I am Crandew


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